Build Log,  Fuselage

Fuselage Kit Arrives!

Well the long-awaited day has arrived: the fuselage kit was delivered! That joyous moment was ruined, however, when XPO Logistics delivered this:

It’s never a good sign when your crate shows up with footprints on top and a ratchet strap holding it together.

Once the ratchet strap was removed the crate basically fell apart and I was left with the task of identifying every part that was damaged:

There was some damage to one of the side skins and several ribs but considering the state of the crate upon arrival I’d say it was about as undamaged as I could’ve hoped for. Van’s, in true Van’s fashion, quickly replaced all damaged parts and handled the shipping claim out-of-band so that I didn’t have to worry about it. What a great company!

With inventory complete and all the small parts put into newly-installed parts bins, it’s time to get to work!

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